Hello, my name is Rose, though that is not my full name. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, I cannot bring myself to having a false identity, even on the internet. So Rose I shall be. I am a college student who works at a library; they call me the bookworm. I read and write among many other things, so I find it rather fitting. I was always told that I looked like a librarian with glasses, though I do not wear them. (Update: I wear glasses now. It is practically dramatic irony.) I suppose it was only time until I became one!

My goal for this blog is to share my views on many things. On religion and politics, and on etymology and books. I do love writing, which is good since I am an English major. I do not claim to be excellent, and I am a horrid speller and proofreader of my own work. It is rather silly since I am a tutor and have friends who come to me to proofread their own papers, you’d think I could do my own. So forgive me for any lapse of the grammar rules, not that I am always conventional in that way. Poetry has ruined many rules for me.

I may write on many a controversial topic, but I hope that my love of words, stories, and history may shine though here. I am a bookworm and also a research junkie. I love to study. That cannot be said of most students, but I seem to spend more time writing and reading than anything else. And as much as any linguist, I love words. As you can see, I am becoming rather long-winded. Still, the only thing I ask is that if you do find what I write interesting and feel compelled to share something, give me due credit as this is all my own work. It may sound trifle, but it means a lot to me. You would not steal a painting off the wall, nor a vase off the potter’s wheel, nor even a quote without citing the author.

So please, take a step inside my thoughts. Be you a fellow lover of words, researcher, or simply passing through, I hope you find interest in what I write.

Blessings to you,




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